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World Pasta Eating Championship

            By  Thomas White

 Look out NFL, NBA, MLB! The fastest growing sport in the world is coming at ya. Major League Eating has arrived! Yes, you read that correctly.  On Saturday afternoon, October 17, eleven iron-stomached contestants stood under the Las Vegas sun and the Arch De Triomphe at The Paris Las Vegas to brave not only the elements, (well, maybe not the elements, it was a tepid 79 degrees and sunny) but they certainly braved the daunting task of eating as much pasta as possible in only eight minutes. Surrounded by a large crowd, a slew of media and the beautiful Jubilee Girls, everyone waited with anticipation of great things to come. 

   Competitive eating, according to our host for the afternoon, Mr. Diamond Dave, is the fastest growing sport in the world. Over 75 competitions are held internationally each year. In observance of International Pasta Day, Steve Martorano, owner and head chef at Martorano's Restaurant in The Paris Las Vegas sponsored this event in conjunction with the Paris Las Vegas and Fiji Water.

 The rules for The Martorano's Masters World Pasta Eating Competition were simple. There is no pass interference, no flagrant fouls, no outside pitches, no judgment calls. There are only two iron-clad rules; no vomiting and you must use a fork. What could be simpler than that?

   Our 11 contestants came from all over the west coast to participate in an event "Where God and Lucifer will wage war over men's souls", screamed Diamond Dave.

These contestants did not arrive without amazing credentials. Miki Sudo, a contestant from Las Vegas, is the 2015 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Champion as well as being the #3 top ranked eater in the world. Michelle Lesco from Tucson, AZ is the #8 ranked overall eater with a specialty for wings and ribs and Matthew "The Megatoad" Stonie from San Jose, CA is the #1 ranked eater in the world and holds 10 world records.

 As our contest was about to begin Diamond Dave set the stage, "The emotions may be raw but the pasta is cooked!" He introduced each contestant with unparallel skill:

   "Our next contest has been banned from every buffet on the west coast."

   "This contestant is such an eating expert he can tell you why raisin toast burns faster than regular toast."

   "Our next contestant studied in the Himalaya's with a band of malevolent monks to learn the fine art of competitive eating."

    Accompanied by driving music and unbounded enthusiasm, contestants took their places on the stage. In front of them were four bowls filled with one half pound of pasta each, a fork and several glasses of water. There was a viable tension filling the air as the 'forks up' moment approached.

 Diamond Dave set the objectives, "The current world record is 6.23 pounds of pasta in ten minutes." Diamond Dave threw down the gauntlet and challenged these ravenous contestants to shatter that record in 8 minutes. They did not disappoint.

    A giant LED clock kept time and as the gun went off starting the competition, the contestants picked up their bowls and chowed down. There is nothing quite like the sight of eleven people shoveling pasta into their mouths as fast as they can. The official reckoning would consist of the number of completely empty bowls left in front of each contestant when the final bell rang.

 Remember, each bowl contains one-half pound of pasta with a light marinara gravy, Steve Martorano explained to us earlier that in New Jersey, sauce is called gray and we better get used to it.

     At the end of the day, there was no contest, the old record of 6.23 pounds in ten minutes seemed small and insignificant and wilted away into the desert to die, dried and crusty. The top five winners were Steve Hendry from Dixon CA with a qualifying 5.62 lbs and a check for $150. Rich Lefevre came in at #4 by consuming 5.75 lbs and received $350. 

   The top three winners were no surprise, at #3, Michelle Lesco ate 6.25 lbs with winnings of $500, #2 Miki Sudo swallowed down 7 lbs and took home $1,000, and the smallest person on stage, the world's #1 ranked competitive eater, Matthew "The Megatoad" Stonie consumed an amazing 10 lbs of pasta on that beautiful afternoon and walked away with the grand prize of $2,000. 

   After the competition Michelle Lesco confessed to having a broken molar that was to be fixed on Monday but her desire to compete kept her viable. Matthew "The Megatoad" Stonie thanked the crowd for the support in shattering the world's record for pasta eating.

   For more Major League Eating information please visit their web site at There are many more events and competitions planned for the rest of the year and you will definitely want to be a part of them. Our thanks go out to Martorano's Italian Restaurant in the Paris Las Vegas, The Paris Las Vegas and Fiji Water for bringing us such a fun-filled event.

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