Tummy Shield - A More Comfortable, Safer Drive for Pregnant Women

Tummy Shield - A More Comfortable, Safer Drive For Pregnant Women

The Tummy Shield comfortably redirects the seat belt off the pregnant woman's belly.

Description: Baby on Board? Statistics show you are just as likely to be in a car crash while you are pregnant as you are when you are driving with a newborn. You are legally required to protect your newborn in the car with a car seat so why woudn’t you protect your baby in the car even while it’s still in your womb? Of course you would if you knew there was a device designed to do just that. And now there is, the Tummy Shield™. Not only do pregnant women often find wearing a seat belt uncomfortable as they progress through their pregnancies, but intuitively many pregnant women also question the safety of driving while pregnant. The Tummy Shield™ has been carefully designed to safely reposition the lap portion of the seat belt from your pregnant belly to the thigh and lower pelvic area. You can start using it even early on in pregnancy to help reduce your baby's risk of injury during a crash or sudden braking.

The Tummy Shield helps moms-to-be feel comfortable and safe when driving while pregnant.

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Price: $169.00

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