The Little Book On Meaning by Laura Berman Fortgang

The Little Book On Meaning By Laura Berman Fortgang

The Little Book on Meaning

Description: In THE LITTLE BOOK ON MEANING (Tarcher/Penguin, May 2009; Hardcover), established life coach Laura Berman Fortgang teaches us how we can discover what we are endlessly searching for: purpose and fulfillment. Exploring the various ways to find these elusive treasures, Laura reveals that our desire for meaning is often satiated by bite-sized morsels of meaning. Candidly discussing lessons from her own life, including her failed attempt to become an actress on Broadway and discovering her calling as an interfaith minister, Laura discusses the comical, significant, and sometimes tragic stories that led her to these important revelations. Drawing on the wisdom of a variety of spiritual traditions, individuals, and personal anecdotes, THE LITTLE BOOK ON MEANING is an invaluable guide and companion for anyone seeking purpose in their life.

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