SpeakSPORTS: The Trivia Card Game for Sports Buffs

SpeakSPORTS: The Trivia Card Game For Sports Buffs

The Acronym Ace Game Series INcluding SpeakSPORTS

Description: The sports world is up to its ears in alphabet soup! But a new, unique, educational game from Parli-Cards makes deciphering all those pesky sports acronyms, challenging and fun! SpeakSPORTS is a new trivia card game which tests players' knowledge of sports acronyms! Choose questions based on three levels of difficulty and try to stump your jock friends and coworkers with acronyms like, SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) or ERA (Earned Run Average). Let's see if our know-it-all uncle can guess this one, USASA (United States of America Snowboard Association). SpeakSPORTS is just one of the games in the Acronym Ace Series of card games from Parli-Cards. Each game contains 105 book mark-sized cards in a convenient, plastic carrying case. SpeakSPORTS can be played by two or more players of all ages. The player with the most points wins!


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