Sparkler LED Whip ‘N Skip Ankle Skipper with Lights by Geospace

Sparkler LED Whip ‘N Skip Ankle Skipper With Lights By Geospace

The Sparkler LED lights are motion activated and it records every revolution!

Description: This classic 90’s toy boasts some MAJOR updates and now includes LED sparkler lights that will have kids (and even adults) hopping like frenzied frogs for hours on end. The sparkler LED lights are Motion-activated, so batteries last even longer. Just like in the classic toy, the ball’s built-in counter records every revolution. Players will devise different ways of hopping and moving the ball, and can imagine all sorts of games and challenges. The Whip ‘N Skip is a great toy for burning off energy, and kids won’t even realize that they’re getting an invigorating workout! Requires 2 AAA batteries.

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Price: $19.99

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