Project of the Month Club

Project Of The Month Club


Description: Project of the Month Club is designed to eliminate the hassle factor of arts and crafts shopping so parents and grandparents can spend time with their children and grandchildren as they explore and learn from a wide range of projects. There is only so much coloring, Play-Doh, and puzzles kids will put up with... - Enter Project of the Month Club - they do it all for you..come up with the project idea, and do the driving to the craft store to get all the supplies. Kids can receive projects: Monthly (Every month Bi-Monthly (Every other month) Quarterly (Every 3 months) 4-in-A-Row (Four consecutive months) Choose from what type of crafts are sent: Mix-N-Match (a mix of all categories) Master Builders (woodworking & building projects) Future Designers (jewelry, sewing, and scrap booking) Projects arrive via UPS or FedEx First Projects will arrive with all necessary supplies, tools and materials to successful complete the projects Then kids rolls up their sleeves and get busy!

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Price: $55.00 to $110.00

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