Prenatal Dance Fitness DVD

Prenatal Dance Fitness DVD

"Let's Dance Together" Prenatal Dance Fitness DVD

Description: Jennifer Jimenez is a terrific spokesperson, who advises moms-to-be on how to look and stay beautiful, how to have the labor of their dreams and keeping fit. Jennifer has produced a wonderful example of the Dancing Thru Pregnancy instructor ethic - a safe, effective and meaningful way to move through pregnancy and birth. After experiencing a 50 hour labor with her first baby, Jennifer, utilizing her prenatal fitness skills, had very quick and easy births with her second and third deliveries. Prenatal Dance Fitness is a transformational wellness program safe for pregnancy, combining breath work, visualization, yoga, labor prep, mindful movement, graceful dance, energy work, baby bonding and relaxation. The DVD is easy to follow for those who are beginners and supportive and refreshing for those who are fitness enthusiasts, moms-to-be will feel balanced, beautiful and graceful as their belly grows and prepare for labor when the big day arrives. Moms-to-be will use this DVD as a daily escape to nurture herself and bond with her baby with Jennifer focusing on Centering, Flexibility, Alignment, Trust, Self-Acceptance, Relaxation, Cardio, Strength, and endurance.

Prenatal Dance Fitness DVD from Jennifer Jimenez

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Price: $19.95

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