Networking for recent college grads: Some Assembly Required

Networking For Recent College Grads: Some Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required

Description: Some Assembly Required is a book for recent grads from author and business leader Thom Singer. Singer has extensive experience with speaking, networking, and helping others to successfully further their own career goals through assisting others and building a professional network right where they are. And Some Assembly Required gives short, snappy, readable advice about finding work and setting up a career after high school or college graduation. Thom Singer's credo stems from a modern version of an old Chinese proverb: the best time to start networking was years ago, and the next best time is now! Affirming the value of interacting with others in person as well as online, he encourages people to go beyond the self-promoting elevator speech and instead focus on helping and learning about others at business events. 'Go where the people are,' Singer says, 'and see if you can help them find something or make a connection.' What goes around comes around, and those we network with will eventually be able to help us, if we approach the process with an open mind and others-centric attitude. In a fun, bite-sized way, aimed at busy professionals, Singer speaks and writes about how to build relationships for their own sake, rather than simply promoting oneself. And he lives out the practice of paying attention to others, donating a portion of his proceeds to endowments to help families pay for their children's reconstructive surgery.

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