Mrs. Pinkelmeyer & her Lovable Dog, Moopus McGlinden.

Mrs. Pinkelmeyer & Her Lovable Dog, Moopus McGlinden.

The Lovable Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus McGlinden

Description: Meet Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and her lovable dog, Moopus McGlinden. Together they inspire self-esteem in children through their love, warmth and silliness. These award winning children's characters make the perfect gift. Start your Mrs. Pinkelmeyer collection with the Mrs. Pinkelmeyer, plush, singing doll, the Moopus stuffed animal, music and the Pinkelmeyer book series. They are sure to provide you and your child hours of entertainment filled with love and laughter.

Mrs. Pinkelmeyer Book Series

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Price: $7.00 to $35.00

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