MorphologyTM Game from PlaSmart Inc.

MorphologyTM Game From PlaSmart Inc.

MorphologyTM Game from PlaSmart Inc.

Description: Pick it! Build it! Animate it! Guess it! Morphology™ is the creative, challenging and side-splitting board game where players ̶ MorphologistsTM ̶ use their imagination to build and animate shapes for their teammates to identify. Each time a team correctly identifies the word in the one minute allowed, it moves its team frog forward one lily pad. Then the die is passed to the team on the left. The first team to reach the final lily pad wins. The twists and turns a Morphology game can take always result in hilarious and ingenious moments that flex your creative muscles and provide a glimpse into the brains of family and friends. Morphology comes with an hourglass timer, team frogs, die, easy/hard word cards, as well building pieces: wooden rectangles, string, glass beads, circles, cubes and wooden people. Age recommendation: 8 +

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Price: $30.00 to $35.00

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