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Minky Couture Luxurious Blankets - Everyone deserves a Minky!

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Minky Couture Luxurious Blankets - Everyone Deserves A Minky!

Minky Couture gifts for your family for the Holidays, even Fido!

Description: Minky blankets make the perfect Holiday gifts by themselves and in sets. Here are some great gift ideas to help you bring a smile to your loved one: Christmas - Bring Christmas cheer by warming up your friend, child, or spouse with a warm and cozy minky blanket. Hanukkah - Celebrate the festival of lights with a comfy minky blanket of any size. Regardless of which day you gift the blanket, you will be sure to excite the person who receives it. You will undoubtedly enjoy the irresistible softness and luxury of your very own Minky Couture blanket-your escape to luxury. Our blankets are individually hand made by talented seemstresses. Customers can choose any combination of pattern, color of back and ruffle or no ruffle. We do monogramming for all occasions. Our blankets come in all sizes for everyone in your home... infant, tween, adult and monster. Because of how it is made it carries that extra touch of love and healing. We are online at www.minkycouture.com Our email customers receive a discount and fun Promos 2 times per month. If you have priced the minky fabric in fabric stores you will know how great of a price we offer!

Minky Couture Blankets. A touch of fun, a bit of fashion and a ton of love...

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Price: $65.00 to $145.00

Published on Oct 16, 2012

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