Meet the Feeling Friends

Meet The Feeling Friends

Meet the Feeling Friends

Description: KK and the Feeling Friends™, helps children understand what feelings are and how to best communicate their feelings to others. The series encourages children to explore and express their feelings by identifying with 12 diverse Feeling Friends™ characters. Karen Cuthrell (a.k.a. KK) co-created the Feeling Friends 15 years ago to help her daughter understand her feelings. Cuthrell came up with 12 loveable characters that personified a variety of emotions like panic, worry and shyness, which are often difficult for young children to express. Each endearing character, including Joey the Joy Bird and Griswald the Grumpy Grizzly, embodies an emotion and has a catchy theme song. Meet the Feeling Friends is the first of thirteen books in the Feeling Friends series. Designed for pre- to beginning-readers, the book transports children to Feeling Free Island, a magical place where children are free to express their feelings in a world as vibrant as their own imaginations. Journey to Feeling Free Island and join KK as she introduces each of the 12 Feeling Friends. Each friend reveals his or her identity through engaging rhymes and colorful illustrations. Meet the Feeling Friends is available for purchase on

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