LOADED QUESTIONS : The Classic Game of "Who Said What"

LOADED QUESTIONS : The Classic Game Of "Who Said What"

LOADED QUESTIONS: The Classic Game of "Who Said What"

Description: If you are looking for a gift that brings family and friends together while providing hours of fun and laughter, look no further... LOADED QUESTIONS, a classic "who said what" game, challenges players to correctly match which player wrote which answer to more than 1,000 hilarious, thought-provoking questions. With questions like "If you could have anyone as your personal servant, who would it be?," "What is one thing you refuse to share?," and "What is your greatest hidden talent?," LOADED QUESTIONS is the perfect way to spend the holidays. And look for our new compact versions that have more specific themes. There is sure to be one for everybody on your list: LOADED QUESTIONS Parenting 101, LOADED QUESTIONS Pop Culture, LOADED QUESTIONS Junior, LOADED QUESTIONS Political Party.

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Price: $11.99 to $24.99

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