Gibbon Slackline Kit

Gibbon Slackline Kit

Gibbon's Funline for beginners

Description: Gibbon makes easy to use 2 piece slackline kits for the whole family to enjoy in the backyard, over a pool, or in a park. Slacklines are strips of dynamic webbing that are hung low to the ground between 2 trees or other anchor points. They are a balance challenge, sport trainer, backyard game and all around fun piece of equipment. Gibbon specializes in 2" wide webbing kits with ratchet tensioning systems, making it very easy to set up. Within this style is the FUNLINE made for beginners with thick, more static webbing and a sticky grip to help while learning. For the more advanced or adventurous types there is the JIBLINE made of trampoline material providing extra bounce and more of a challenge. Slacklining began as a cross trainer and has progressed to a fun backyard activity and sport all of its own. It's the perfect gift the whole family can enjoy. Give it a try!

Gibbon's Jibline for jumps and tricks

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Price: $74.99 to $139.99

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