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Children's sleep-time plush doll

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Children's Sleep-time Plush Doll

The Original Shnoozles with sleep-time book

Description: The Original Shnoozles are the perfect day/night plush created to help parents overcome their child's resistance to bedtime. Shu-Shu and Shah-Shah are soft and cuddly Shnoozle critters who make play time and sleep time fun for kids of all ages. We patented a unique eye feature that enables the only plush in the world to allow their eyes to be closed. A simple pocket sits hidden above each eye for tucking eyelid in for awake time, or leaving eyelid out for sleepy time. These Shnoozle bedtime helpers do not use batteries, and do not contain any electronics or other distracting devices which can inhibit sleep. Each Shnoozle comes with their own Sleepy-Time Rhyme book, which was written specifically for the last few minutes before sleep.

Shu-Shu (awake), Shah-Shah (sleeping)

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Price: $24.99

Published on May 01, 2013

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