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boumbi - the nicest way to say I love you

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Boumbi - The Nicest Way To Say I Love You

Say it with boumbi: "i love you..."

Description: boumbi is a cuddly doll that you can customize with your own picture and your own voice. Lend this doll your own voice-message and your visage and let it represent you while you are away. boumbi, the never-miss-me-again doll, has a slot where you can slide in a picture of you and a recording unit where you can register a personal message (which might remain indelible). Customized in no time this doll will be unique and a very presonal gift that will give to your loved ones many sweet moments. A must-have for any long distance relationship or if you want to send your message in a special way.

boumbi is available in different colors

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Price: $49.50

Published on Apr 11, 2011

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