Ten steps to live a fulfilling life.



1. LEARN TO LET GO.  How can you excel or move forward if you’re constantly making U-Turns and looking back on things that you are meant to LET GO. Letting go is being free.


2. SIMPLIFY.  Simplify your life by identifying what’s important to you and start eliminating everything else. Start by simplifying your wardrobe. Get rid of those clothes that you don’t fit; keep only the clothes of better quality. You will be spending less time in deciding what to wear.


3. SPEND TIME ALONE.  Alone time is a good way to listen to your inner voice. This is very important and necessary when trying to find out what’s MOST important to you.


4. HEALTH!!!  You should always choose a healthy diet and maintain a healthy daily workout. Being healthy is your greatest wealth. Prepare simple salads that you can snack on, whether it’s a fruit salad or quinoa salad; keep a conscious effort to eat healthy.

(Quick recipe for a quinoa salad: quinoa, feta cheese, red or yellow peppers, black olives, a hint of oil and vinegar.)


5. LEARN TO SAY “NO”.  I know we all want to help people in time of need, but sometimes you can help the wrong person and you’re the one that ends up on the back burner. It’s ok to say “no”. Stop neglecting your feelings to please others. Use your instincts and go with it because you are IT!


6. EMBRACE YOUR FLAWS.  The time has come! Be comfortable in your own skin! God made you perfect in his eyes, your imperfections are perfection. Look in the mirror every morning and OWN it. Be the best possible version of yourself.


7. KEEP GOOD COMPANY. The saying “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” couldn’t be truer. Make sure that you are keeping the right company. People who lift you up and encourage you to go higher are people who truly believe in you. Those are the ones that make you feel alive.


8. START MAKING MOVES. Give in, Give up, or Give IT your all; but no matter what, act on your intuition. When you feel something and you know something to be right or wrong, follow your gut. Mark Zuckerburg once said “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.” Time waits for no man. It’s like money except without the refund. If you want something go for it. FAST! FAST! FAST!


9. GRATITUDE!!!  Be so thankful in the little things so God can bless you with the bigger things. It’s the easiest way to be happy when you’re grateful. Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive. Find ways to be thankful for your troubles and they can become your blessings.


10. JUST BE.  BE inspired, BE fearless, BE wise, plan to BE, prepare to BE, expect to BE, and work to BE every day!


I hope that these steps can change someone’s life and inspire people to believe in themselves and live a happy fulfilling life. You are not what you have done; you are what you have overcome. Keep going!

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