honey can do Portable Closet Review - Big Waste of Time

I was in need of a portable closet and did my obligatory Google searches. After pages and pages of results, cross checking values, sizes, quality, I decided that the honey can do 60" wide double door storage closet seemed like a great deal especially since Target online was offering free shipping. I was excited to get the portable closet and one of my friends helped me assemble it. The unit seemed very flimsy which concerned me but I hoped that the fabric cover that would fit tightly over the frame would help make the honey can do 60" wide double door storage closet more stable. It did make it a little more stable but the cover did not fit properly! There is a center vertical pole that is supposed to be covered by the fabric but was totally exposed. We tried to figure out what we had done wrong but there was only one way to put the cover on and that is what we had done. I called the customer support line at the honey can do and explained my problem. The girl seemed shocked that there was a problem and put me on hold for almost 10 minutes. When she came back, she basically read me the instructions to make sure I had followed them. Finally she said we had probably gotten the wrong cover and would mail us a new one. There was an attitude in her voice, never an apology and I have no confidence that when the new cover arrives, it will fit. Why has customer service if you do not treat the customers well? Why be willing to send a replacement without an I’m sorry you will need to waste another hour of your time because we packed the wrong cover? I will add to this article once we receive and try the new cover for the honey can do 60" wide double door storage closet.



Item Number: WRD-01272
• breathable fabric cover
• exterior shoe storage
• heavy-duty steel frame
60 in L x 19.7 in W x 63 in H


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