Yamodo Good To Go

Yamodo Good To Go

Yamodo Good To Go

Description: Yamodo players are anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Yamodo! Good To Go! is available for families making holiday trips, business men and women waiting for a flight, or just a few minutes of convenient creative distraction.To play Yamodo, each person selects a card and then uses their imagination to draw and define the made-up Yamodo word written at the top of each card. To help spark the creative process and take the intimidation out of drawing, each card has the start of an existing doodle for players to add too. The card is then passed to the next player to add to the drawing and definition. The cards become increasingly outrageous as players pass the card around for others to build on. As a result, Yamodo’s creative collaborations have people uploading their creations on yamodo.com for all to see. “We call it upload your best and see the rest,” Phelps said. Right now, there are over 1000 uploaded “yamodos” on the company website at www.yamodo.com

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Price: $9.99

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