Whooz - Creative Vinyl Labels for your iDevice Charges and Cords

Whooz - Creative Vinyl Labels For Your IDevice Charges And Cords

Whooz - Creative Vinyl Labels for iDevice chargers and cords

Description: Plug-in, recharge and smile as you will finally know whose charger it is thanks to Whooz, creative vinyl labels for iDevice chargers and cords created by entrepreneurial designer Sativa Turner.  Find fun faces from her signature character sets to add color to dress up your iPhone/iPod from adaptor to plug, iPad adaptor and International Plugs. Finding herself facing a daily dilemma, Sativa explains how years ago after another moment with a roommate debating whose charger was whose she had to find a way to resolve. She was sure which one was hers and picked up a permanent marker and began to make a mark and quickly realized - aha an invention was born for her to create her unique labels. Website: http://whoozizit.com Whooz - Made in the USA - are a fun way to personalize your plain white iDevice chargers while staking a claim on what’s yours. Many a domestic dispute has arisen over charger theft and confusion. Make peace in your household, on-the-go daily, on your next trip, or wherever your path takes you to charge up your working devices. Put a Whooz on it so everyone knows whose is whose. Whooz are made from a high quality, heat-resistant, removable vinyl and have a durable UV protective laminate. This means they will stay bright and shiny until you’re ready for a new charger identity. When you do take them off they will peel off easily and leave no residue behind.

Whooz - Creative Vinyl Labels for iDevice chargers and cords

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