TUMMIES Biscuits with Benefits

TUMMIES Biscuits With Benefits

DOGSWELL TUMMIES Biscuits with Benefits 10oz

Description: DOGSWELL® TUMMIES™ Cranberry & Apple Biscuits with Benefits™ are the natural biscuits dogs crave for digestive health. Made with whole grains, these crunchy treats feature real chunks of cranberry and apple, and fresh yogurt for your dog’s sensitive stomach. They also contain healthy probiotics and prebiotics which work together to help your pup have a happy tummy. DOGSWELL® TUMMIES™ Biscuits with Benefits™ are made in the U.S. and contain NO corn, flour, wheat, soy, processed gluten, byproducts, added hormones, BHA/BHT, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

DOGSWELL TUMMIES Biscuits with Benefits 4oz

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Price: $3.49 to $6.99

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