The Cinch to Hang

The Cinch To Hang

The Amazing Cinch to Hang

Description: I introduce to you the Cinch to Hang outdoor hanging system. Surviving a weekend picnic, backyard party, camping trip with family or a hunting trip with your buddies the survivalist (AKA Mom/Dad) needs an easy and covenant way to store all the gear and equipment off the ground and in a safe location. That is where the Cinch to Hang comes in. Where do you hang your backpack, equipment, tool, wet shoes/cloths anything that you want to keep up off the ground and dry? A nail?, No, a broken tree branch unlikely. The Cinch to Hang is extremely light weight only 11oz for a 4 pack system and will hold over 200 lbs. Very easy to use (no batteries or digital screens). The Cinch to Hang has been used domestically and overseas with rescue and relief operation such as Operation USA, American Red Cross, and other local emergency response organizations to hang their equipment and keep a chaotic environment organized . The Cinch to Hang is manufactured and packaged in the USA and can ship anywhere in 24 hours from ordering. It is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. Please see our website for more information on the amazing Cinch to Hang.

Easy to use and light weight

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Price: $15.95 to $19.95

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