Sweeney's Deer Repellent

Sweeney's Deer Repellent

Sweeney's Deer Repellent Keeps Deer at Bay

Description: Sweeney’s Deer Repellent is the industry’s first patented, ready-to-use, weather-proof deer repellant. Sweeney's Deer Repellent uses dried blood, a scent-based repellent, to trigger an innate “danger” response in deer, which, in turn, causes a flight response. Studies have shown that, next to fenced enclosures, blood is the most effective way to repel deer. It produces no noxious smells to humans and is a safe, natural, environmentally friendly product that can be used in any garden, including vegetable gardens. Sweeney's Deer Repellent is packaged in a patented, weather-proof container that is specially designed to allow the scent to escape but keep rain and other elements at bay. Homeowners simply stake the containers in the ground or hang them in shrubs four to eight feet apart throughout the desired protection area. No reapplication is necessary.

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Price: $25.99

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