Stay Prepared with Emergency Gear from Eton - the Clipray

Stay Prepared With Emergency Gear From Eton - The Clipray

American Red Cross Clipray

Description: Anyone enjoying the great outdoors knows they need to be prepared for unexpected emergencies, but lugging around any extra gear can be difficult. An American Red Cross product by Eton ( provide the peace of mind and convenience for your next excursion. The Clipray is a self-powered emergency flashlight that clips directly to your belt loop, backpack or other outdoor gear. Powered by solar-powered and hand-crank, the Clipray ensures you will always have light - even without batteries. The device can also charge your cell phone via hand-crank with a featured USB jack. For $15 and weighing only 4.9 oz, this affordable and lightweight emergency flashlight will help you prepared with ease.

American Red Cross Clipray

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Price: $15.00

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