Prestige 5 home theater system delivers big style and room-filling sound in a small package

Prestige 5 Home Theater System Delivers Big Style And Room-filling Sound In A Small Package

Energy Take Classic System

Description: Looking for the perfect gift for dad? Take their favorite movies and games to a new dimension with true high-performance audio. Consisting of four matching satellites that fill any room as front and surround channels, a center channel for crisp dialogue, and a powerful subwoofer for amazing bass response, the Take Classic features a high-gloss black finish—so it looks every bit as good as it sounds. Whether it’s the explosive effects of your favorite action flick, or the dynamic soundtrack to a video game, the Take Classic simply rocks—its power and performance will amaze everyone. From home theaters to college dorm walls, these speakers deliver immense, immersive sound in a small, discreet package. The Energy Take Classic can be purchased for just $599—a sound bargain, indeed.

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Price: $599.00

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