Pepper & Tanky - French eau du parfum for dogs

Pepper & Tanky - French Eau Du Parfum For Dogs

"Puppy Love" - a light and refreshing blend of bergamot, amber and jasmine

Description: The newest way to treat your dogs to luxury is Pepper & Tanky, a French cruelty-free eau du parfum, made from the highest quality ingredients available. Because Pepper & Tanky is formulated from natural oils and uses less alcohol than most fragrances, it is less irritating to sensitive coats, skins and your dog’s sensitive sense of smell. The subtle scent lasts for days without being overpowering and is perfect for “touch ups” in between grooming appointments and baths. We would never use anything on our dogs that we would not use on ourselves so each fragrance has been tested (and approved) by humans.

Pepper & Tanky fragrances have a classic, round bottle with a fun, vintage inspired atomizer. Pepper & Tanky is the perfect way to pamper your pet with luxury and a chic complement to the Hermès dog collar! Pepper & Tanky is available in four luxe parfums:

- Vanilla Woof, a splendid chypre floral fragrance, with fruity hints and sweet vanilla

- Peaches n’ Cream, an opulent floral and fruity combination

- Puppy Love, a light and refreshing blend of bergamot, amber and jasmine

- Big Dawg, an aromatic medley or bergamot and neroli with a touch of lavender and musk

Pepper & Tanky is currently available in luxury pet boutiques as well as online at

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Price: $44.00

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