Old Dogs, New Nutritional Tricks!

Old Dogs, New Nutritional Tricks!

BioSENIOR All-Natural Cat and Dog Anti-Aging Supplement

Description: BioSENIOR™ Senior Health and Wellness Formula for Dogs and Cats from BiologicVET™ (www.biologicvet.net) is an easy-to-use supplement that provides nutrients beyond what even the highest quality pet foods deliver. For older/senior pets suffering from age related deterioration, lack of energy, arthritis and osteoporosis, these specialized nutrients and vitamins help mobility, metabolism, digestion, cognitive function, immunity and over all longevity. Best of all, the supplement comes in the form of a powder that is easily mixed into either wet or dry food, meaning that the diet your pet is used to and expects does not have to be changed.

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Price: $39.99

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