Now your pots can be lighter & your plants healthier with one-of-a-kind drainage material that is 100% recycled plastic!

Now Your Pots Can Be Lighter & Your Plants Healthier With One-of-a-kind Drainage Material That Is 100% Recycled Plastic!

One of a Kind Drainage product - Lighter Pots - Healthier Plants

Description: Beautiful, Healthy Container Gardens Start with Better Than Rocks... Better Than Rocks is the ultimate drainage solution that promotes lush, long-lasting container gardens. Layer it in the bottom of your planters, window boxes and indoor or outdoor pots for optimal drainage and watch your plants flourish. Healthier plants, lighter containers Easy to use Keeps soil in, let excess water out Saves money, less soil required Fits containers of any size or shape Eco-friendly, 100% recycled plastic Reusable year after year All previous methods – rocks, aluminum cans, packing peanuts, broken clay pot shards – are a hassle compared to the simplicity of Better Than Rocks. And those methods don’t work half as well. This innovative product will make your planters lighter and promote better drainage and superior plant health in containers of all shapes and sizes. Once you try Better Than Rocks, we’re sure you’ll love it and enjoy beautiful, healthier plants!

Cut Better Than Rocks to Fit the Bottom of any Shape Container

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Price: $8.99

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