Nothing to Sneeze At

Nothing To Sneeze At

Purr & Simple all-natural cat litter

Description: Made from locally grown tree-nut shells, Purr & Simple focuses on the mission of enhancing the feline lifestyle with simple, natural products that are from the earth and can be safely returned to the earth. When broken-down, this fibrous product provides twice the odor control, half the dust for minimal allergy agitations and is 100% biodegradable. Purr & Simple is made without toxic additives, like silica and sodium benzoate, meaning it’s safe for cats and their humans. That’s because Purr & Simple is all-natural and uses only food-grade ingredients to create the clumping agent found in their Kwik-Klump Formula. Better yet, the supply of tree-nuts shells used to make the eco-litter is a renewable resource and is annually restored to nature by Eco-Shell’s team. This is the first litter that is made with kitty, consumer (their allergies) and the earth in mind. One loyal customer even comments, “Works great! I have four cats and two cat boxes in a small home. Purr & Simple really helped with the odor and there was no dust or litter mess around the boxes. Having a cleaner, natural product means a great deal to me. The reduction of the odor is a wonderful bonus.” This spring shop their 8lb to 40lb varieties of the Pellet Formula and the new Kwik-Klump Formula. Retail prices start as low as $6.99 for the original Pellet Formula and $9.49 for the Kwik-Klump Formula.

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Price: $6.99 to $9.49

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