Leaf Loader by NooTools

Leaf Loader By NooTools

With the forcing action of a funnel, Leaf Loader compresses leaves and debris in one easy step making repeated pressing and compacting of the leaves unnecessary. With its flexible support, Leaf Loader holds a bag or can open and in place, and moves it eas

Description: product development company NooTools has relaunched their newly patented, light-weight Leaf Loader, an ingenious yard clean-up device designed to save homeowners hours spent raking, scooping and bagging leaves. With a new durable design, Leaf Loader can also be used in clearing gutters and with worksite cleanup and has easy-to-grip handles for easy bagging, allowing you to quickly clear your yard of lawn debris. Its funnel design allows you to bag leaves from up to 10 feet away. Leaf Loader folds and stores flat when not in use, taking up about the same space as a hula hoop and with a simple twist, instantly pops open again, ready for use. No tools or assembly are required. The Leaf Loader retails at $29.95. To purchase, visit www.leafloader.com. Also available Amazon.com, select Wal-Mart stores or your local hardware store.

The Leaf Loader, with its unique funnel design, slips easily into any bag, can or bin.

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Price: $29.95

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