Heirloom Candles

Heirloom Candles

Heirloom Candles

Description: Hand-poured Heirloom Candles are 100 percent pure and natural, containing only soy oil, an all-cotton wick and skin-safe fragrance. No petroleum-based dyes or paraffin wax. Heirloom Candles are produced domestically using sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. They are made from the biodegradable, renewable resources of soybeans and cotton (wicks). Its recyclable glass containers are sourced domestically. Packaging is made with 50 percent or more post-consumer waste and no additional filler, and labels are printed with soy ink. Since Heirloom Candles are proudly made in the U.S., the products’ environmental footprint is reduced by eliminating intercontinental shipping. The company is as passionate about supporting American farmers, American businesses and Mother Nature as it is about candles. Dipping a finger into a regular candle wax pool—even one made with a “vegetable oil blend,” will coat it with a shell or crust. An Heirloom Candles oil pool will not harden and will leave only clear soy oil on the finger, ready to be massaged into the skin.

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Price: $10.00 to $26.00

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