HANDy Paint Tray

HANDy Paint Tray

The HANDy Paint Tray - The Best Paint Tray, Ever!

Description: This year you can tackle painting projects like a pro because the Handy Paint Tray is making painting a whole lot easier! The Handy Paint Tray is a long-overdue update to the flimsy, tin, traditional paint tray and it's revolutionizing the way people paint: • Deeper paint capacity -- well that holds up to a gallon of paint, enough to cover a standard bedroom • Built-in magnetic brush holder allows painters to keep a brush nearby at all times • Disposable liners make clean-up easier (can just throw away the liner) and make changing colors a breeze • Reinforced edges prevent tip-overs • Easy pour spouts built into the corners of the tray help prevent waste • Easy grip handles = easy to pick up and move around • The HANDy Paint Tray is available at Lowe’s and wherever paint is sold • No matter the project, HANDy Paint Pail products and accessories will meet your needs and help make your next painting project easier

Painting Just Got Easier - HANDy Paint Tray & Pail

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Price: $10.00

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