Go-Go Dog Pals - Remote Control Dog Exercise and Chase Toy

Go-Go Dog Pals - Remote Control Dog Exercise And Chase Toy

The Chase is On!

Description: Ruggedized, bite resistant, remote-control dog exercise toy. Simulates the natural movement dogs experience in their traditional hunting and herding work environments. Like a video game, the dog owner controls the chase! Dog toys have remained basically the same for decades – versions of the same fetch concept (ball or Frisbee). Go-Go Dog Pals incorporates remote control technology into a bite resistant ruggedized housing to provide an interactive exercise experience for dogs and their owners. Many, if not most people lack the energy or capability to give their dogs an adequate amount of exercise each day. Others dread the monotony of throwing a slobbery, wet ball over and over. Go-Go Dog Pals brings dogs the joy of a good chase and the exercise movement they need – starting and stopping, lateral movement, acceleration, etc. The dog owners can participate in the interactive session by simply controlling the remote control handset.

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Price: $199.00 to $229.00

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