Fish Rich™ Organic Fertilizer

Fish Rich™ Organic Fertilizer

Fish Rich™ Organic Fertilizer - Fish Food For Your Plants

Description: Fish Rich™(2-3-2), Bell Aquaculture's organic liquid plant fertilizer, is made from the remains of Bell Perch Yellow Perch raised and processed in Indiana. Because Bell's fish are raised in a pristine environment, you can be sure that what’s going into the soil is pure and free of anything unnatural. Simply, it’s garden and human safe. Fish Rich™ is sustainability in action: what others consider waste, Bell Aquaculture uses as a way to return nutrients to the earth. Fish Rich™ may be ordered online at the Bell Aquaculture website.

Fish Rich™ Is Natural Fertilizer Made From Bell Perch Yellow Perch

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Price: $8.95 to $25.95

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