Define your Abs with these 7 Awesome Lower Abs Workouts

Obesity has been labeled one of the greatest killers of the current century. Research has it that over 20% of Americans die of obesity related health problems. Obesity simply means amassing unhealthy or unwanted weight. To stay safe from obesity and its related health complications you should shed off any excess weight.

One of the best ways to do that is to indulge in ideal body workout routines. One workout routine that you could go with is the lower abs workout. The best lower ab exercises will help you to eliminate fat and tone up the lower abs while at the same time shedding off any excess weight. Indeed they are great for weight loss.

Here are the top 7 lower ab exercises that will define your abs like never before. You can do them at home.

Heel Tap

  • Lie on your back/ Face up the ceiling
  • Keep your hands under your butt.
  • Bend your knees inward at 90 degrees
  • Lift up your feet to table top position.
  • Lower your flexed feet slowly.
  • Do this until your heels barely touch the ground.
  • Raise back your feet up while squeezing your abdominals.
  • Repeat this for close to 1 minute.

Mountain Climber

  • Choose a high plank position.
  • Keep your body straight and level your hips.
  • Lift your right foot.
  • Draw right knee to chest just between your hands.
  • While returning the right foot - do the same for left foot.
  • Alternate as quickly as possible.
  • Keep your abs tight and don’t hike your hips.


  • Life while facing up
  • Keep your hands behind your head.
  • Lift your head and shoulders off the floor.
  • Lift your legs using your abdominals and scissor kick.
  • Alternate one up and down.
  • Don’t strain your neck and jut your chin forward.

Slider Pike

  • Get sliders or towel
  • Start in high plank position
  • Keep both feet on the slider
  • Squeeze low abs – while pulling feet towards your hands
  • Lift hips towards the ceiling into a pike position
  • Slowly push feet out to get back to starting position.
  • Repeat the process in reps.

Straight Leg Raise

  • Lie with your back on the floor
  • Place your hands under your lower back.
  • Brace your core before your start.
  • Lift your legs slowly off the ground
  • Bring them to a 90 degrees point with your knee
  • Slowly lower them back to the ground
  • Keep them off the ground for a while
  • Repeat the same process over reps
  • If you have pain on your lower back – don’t do this move.

Cross Body Climber

  • Choose a high plank position
  • Keep your body straight
  • Keep your hips level
  • Keep your core braced
  • Lift your right leg
  • Draw your right knee towards left elbow
  • Return right leg to plank and lift left leg
  • Draw left knee towards right elbow
  • Keep alternating

Rolling Plank

  • Take a low plank position on forearms
  • Hold for 10 seconds
  • Roll on to your right elbow
  • Stack your feet
  • Hold side plank for 10 seconds
  • Engage your obliques
  • Roll back through the center to left elbow
  • Stack your feet
  • Hold for 10 seconds
  • Keep alternating
  • Keep your core engaged
  • Don’t let your hips drop


The best lower ab exercises are simple a DIY routine. To get the best out of them you can spread them through your workout routine. You can also combine them with the help of an instructor. 

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