Daddy Diaper Changing Toolkit

Daddy Diaper Changing Toolkit

Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox

Description: Make this first Father’s Day one to remember… whether he just had a baby or is expecting one soon, the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox is the perfect gift! ( Diaper duty can be a formidable task- especially for first-time dads! With this toolbox, he will be up for the challenge. Includes: Mask- toxic fume filter for the times it doesn’t smell like roses! Goggles- just in case you don’t get the new diaper in place fast enough (we have all been there!) Rubber Gloves Ear/Nose Plugs Poop Poncho- need we say more! Turkey Baster- for precision tushy cleaning Tongs- to ensure space between you and your first gift from baby Biohazard Bag- for proper disposal of that stink bomb Hand Wipes Baby Wipes Newborn Diaper Give the new dad in your life a fighting chance when he takes on his first dirty diaper!

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Price: $36.99

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