Cyber Rain XCI Wireless Sprinkler Controller

Cyber Rain XCI Wireless Sprinkler Controller

Cyber-Rain XCI

Description: Our technology lets your home computer adjust your sprinkler system to meet your landscape’s changing watering requirements. Using easy to remember, personal names such as “flower bed next to George and Judy’s yard,” Cyber-Rain XCI gives you an easy and worry-free sprinkler system that automatically adjusts itself to take care of the various areas of your yard. The Cyber-Rain XCI is as simple to operate as your home computer. When your PC is on, Cyber-Rain XCI automatically checks the weather forecast several times a day. If it’s going to rain, the system tells your sprinkler controller to stop watering for the next 24 hours. This will continue until the weather forecast changes. If the weather is going to be cool and humid, the watering times are reduced. For hot and drier days, the watering times are increased.

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Price: $349.00

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