ClearLite Launches ArmorLite, A Safer CFL

ClearLite Launches ArmorLite, A Safer CFL

ClearLite ArmorLite, A safer CFL

Description: ClearLite Launches ArmorLite, A Safer CFL ClearLite ArmorLite is the new generation of CFL bulbs. Converting to these new lights can save you a fortune on your energy bill, provide better light, and are the safest of their kind. Why is this important? As many people know, CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) last longer and save more energy than traditional light bulbs, but what most do NOT know is that these bulbs contain liquid mercury, which can release harmful toxins into the environment if broken. ArmorLite bulbs contain no liquid mercury – they instead use amalgam, an alloy that has been found to be untraceable in independent laboratory tests. For added safety, ClearLite’s products also come with a silicone safety coating that, if broken, creates an environmental cocoon designed to retain the pieces of the broken bulb and the contents inside. ClearLite’s ArmorLite bulbs can be purchased at or

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Price: $3.99 to $6.99

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