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Description: Versatile Buffer Bit Tool Adds An Effective New Spin On Polishing Buffer Bit + any drill = superior polishing for shoes, surfaces, autos, boats & more www.BufferBit.com (LaGrange, Illinois)  Its a product that initially excelled at making quick and quality work while polishing shoes but it is now proving to be equally as effective at multiple other tasks. The Buffer Bit is a uniquely designed product that turns any hand-drill into a top of the line polishing tool. The Buffer Bit is the only interchangeable drill-powered buffing, polishing and cleaning solution for multiple applications. The Buffer Bit is equipped with three interchangeable 100% wool buffing pads (black, red, natural), an innovative drill bit and a particle-resistant storage tube. The pads safely clean and polish almost anything but are especially ideal for shoe shines, cars, trucks, motorcycles, chrome, stainless steel sinks, countertops, leather furniture, purses and more. The affordable Buffer Bit wool pads outperform the more expensive foam competitors. The high-quality pads dont dry out and the machine washable interchangeable pad makes for easy clean-up and removal of harmful chemicals on the pads. The Buffer Bit sells for $19.99 and is available at www.BufferBit.com as well as Amazon.com # # #

BufferBit - Shoes

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Price: $20.00

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