3 Green Dogs Doggie Health Pack

3 Green Dogs Doggie Health Pack

3 Green Dogs Doggie Healthy Pack

Description: Pack includes Multi Vitamin, Omega, Ear Flush, Skin Relief Spray, Electrolyte, Pet Waste Bags and Pet Toy. Are you getting a new puppy or looking to maintain the health of your fury friend? The 3GD Doggy & Puppy Health Pack will help ease the confusion by providing a variety of valuable products to fulfill the vital-health care requirements your loving dog. Inspect the contents of our amazing 3GD Doggy & Puppy Health Package to discover the value and convenience of this product. It contains all the essentials, from the nutritional daily vitamins to the relief provided by the ear cleaner as well as Omega Fatty Acids for a beautiful coat. This beneficial pack will help ensure that your furry friends health needs are complete. Furthermore, they also make great gifts too. With this valuable pack, you can take the guess work out of finding the correct health supplements, and instead spend that quality time getting to know your new four-legged family member. Vitamins: To promote a healthy development by providing essential amounts of nutrients. Ear Cleaner: This gentle solution can be used weekly to help alleviate dirty and infected ears Electrolytes: To help avoid dehydration during times of illness and stress (vaccines, upset stomach, travel, excessive play, etc.) Advanced Skin Support: To aid in the replenishment of oils in the skin to help maintain a healthy skin and coat Relief Spray: To address any minor rashes and irritations that your dog may commonly encounter

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Price: $49.00

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