100% oxo-degradable plastics for the home and garden

100% Oxo-degradable Plastics For The Home And Garden

EconoGreen Tall Kitchen Bags

Description: EconoGreen Plastics™ bags and drop cloths are better for the planet. They cost less than comparable plastic bags and drop cloths while providing equal or better quality. It's our way of thanking you for reducing your impact on the environment. We believe that doing the right thing shouldn't cost more! Our bags and drop cloths are not only made from recycled plastics, they are also recyclable and oxodegradable. We believe that a disposable plastic product should be engineered to degrade over time. We find it's an easy way to do our part for a healthier planet. Made from 100% recycled plastic 100% oxodegradable 100% recyclable These bags and drop cloths will completely break down within 2 years after use. Considerably less than traditional plastic bags.

EconoGreen Large Garbage Bags

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Price: $3.99 to $16.99

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