youtheory – Age Beautifully with dietary supplements

Youtheory – Age Beautifully With Dietary Supplements

youtheory launched a new line of dietary supplement products designed specifically for men. The full men’s line contains joint collagen, revive workout recovery daily supplements, and a collagen protein shake.

Description: Leading nutritional dietary manufacturer Nutrawise has created a special line of men’s products for its youtheory™ brand. Based on its successful main line of products, youtheory has created special versions for men of their advanced collagen, joint collagen, revive workout recovery daily supplements as well as a collagen protein shake. The men’s line feature black distinctive packaging from youtheory’s main product line and is available now in nationwide health and vitamin retailers. youtheory Collagen Advanced Formula (type 1 & 3) dietary supplement has 5,000 mg of 100 percent collagen with noticeable benefits within two weeks. Collagen replenishment helps to promote healthy aging, support bone health, rejuvenates hair and is great for ligaments and tendons. youtheory’s Joint Collagen (type 2) restores cartilage and joint function, accelerates joint maintenance and provides cardiovascular support. Other products within this line include, a youtheory Anti-Aging Collagen Protein Shake designed to help anyone with an active, busy and on the go lifestyle, and a Revive daily dietary supplement, which features an advanced formula that restores muscles quicker, delivers an energy boost with mental relaxation, supports and protects digestive system health and capacity, balances blood sugar and suppresses the appetite.

youtheory strives to provide a beautiful life inside and out. The Collagen advanced formula has beneficial effects on joint and bone health, skin health, weight management, and sports performance.

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Price: $9.95 to $36.95

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