Wrinkle Prevention Pillow

Wrinkle Prevention Pillow

Wrinkle Prevention Pillow

Description: Sleeping on your side increases wrinkles, while sleeping facedown can give you a furrowed brow. With the Wrinkle Prevention Pillow, the ergonomically contoured center makes sleeping on your back more natural and comfortable as it supports the head, neck and spine with its exclusive memory foam. The patented design lifts and cradles your head so that permanent lines and wrinkles don’t develop on the face, neck and chest during sleep. When you lay flat during the night, fluids pool underneath your eyes to create a sense of puffiness. The pillow helps prevent these puffy eyes by slightly elevating your head, thus eliminating the need for heavy under-eye concealer the next morning. The pillow also maximizes the benefits and results of night cream because it will not rub off on your pillow.

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Price: $99.00

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