What’s Sexy This Valentine’s Day? Confidence in Your Feminine Health! Help block yeast & bacteria with RepHresh Pro-B

What’s Sexy This Valentine’s Day? Confidence In Your Feminine Health! Help Block Yeast & Bacteria With RepHresh Pro-B

RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement

Description: Nothing is more sexy than confidence. But worrying about yeast, bacteria can sure zap a woman’s self-esteem and make a romantic Valentine’s Day, or any day, unthinkable. Have you ever had a romantic evening spoiled by worries of yeast or bacteria? RepHresh has developed a daily probiotic supplement that blocks and reduces yeast and bacteria. RepHresh Pro-B has been dubbed “Confidence in a Capsule.” If you’re taking an antibiotic and worry about possible side effects to your feminine health that could interfere with your Valentine’s night, RepHresh Pro-B restores and maintains healthy vaginal flora, which can be depleted with the use of antibiotics. RepHresh Pro-B can give women the confidence to focus on what matters most when the mood is right. And there’s nothing sexier than that. Suzy Ginsburg o 713.721.4774 c 713.907.0386 [email protected]

Price: $31.00

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