Walk Your Dog with SPIbelt

Walk Your Dog With SPIbelt

The original SPIbelt

Description: Introducing the SPIbelt from Kim Overton. Retails for just $19.95 and comes in 15 various colors. www.spibelt.com The SPIbelt has a 7/8-inch-wide elastic strap with a snap buckle closure with a zippered pouch sewn into the belt which is made from a lightweight, super-stretchy material. When it's empty, it's only 7 inches long and 1 inch wide. The sleek, low profile, no-bounce factor is perfect for running with the dog. Will hold iPod, Blackberry, ID, cash, key, doggie treats, doodie-bags....etc. And for dog walking at night...Safety First! Kim created the brand new Reflective SPIbelt with a 100% reflective pocket with reflective strips down the entire length of the band. It looks grey in the day, and glows bright when light hits it. Great for walking the dog at night! Looks grey in the day....and reflects bright at night! Just $29.95

The new Reflective SPIbelt

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Price: $19.95 to $29.95

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