Vital Focus For Kids

Vital Focus For Kids

Vital Focus For Kids Helps Maintain Attention

Description: In 2008, the US Center for Disease Control announced that %5 of children aged 6-17 suffer from ADHD. This is in keeping with an overall 3% annual increase in total ADHD cases between 1997 and 2006. Escalating costs of prescription medications coupled with the prospect of their child suffering poor grades, as well as difficulty in and out of school, are leading more parents than ever toward natural attention solutions. Vital Focus for Kids® gives parents a healthy alternative to expensive drugs. Vital Focus for Kids® is formulated around Omega-3 fatty acids. Essential for brain development, Omega-3s also aids the body in maintaining the health and focus of the mind. According to the American Journal of Pediatrics, modern diets suffer from the largest ever deficiency in essential Omega-3s. Without the proper chemical tools to maintain the continued healthy use of the brain, a person cannot use their mind to its fullest potential. The clarity of thought, the ability to focus and the power of concentration that a healthy brain enjoys suffer in a diet deficient in essential fats. To remedy this, and to facilitate focus and clearer thought, Vital Focus for Kids® brings health of the physical mind to its fullest potential. The Omega-3s contained in the formulated supplement are the ideal way for parents and children to work toward breaking the hold of ADHD.

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