Therapain Plus Natural Pain and Inflammation Relief Spray

Therapain Plus Natural Pain And Inflammation Relief Spray

Therapain Plus 14,000 Mg of MSM and Glucosamine

Description: Spray it on and the pain is Gone! If you or a loved one, suffers from arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, neck and back ache, muscle and joint stiffness, Fibromyalgia or other common aches and pains, Therapain Plus is your clinically proven and naturally effective treatment solution. Therapain Plus is an all natural topical spray. It uses 14,000 mg of MSM and Glucosamine in a soothing herbal formula that offers rapid relief for your pain and inflammation. Such a high concentration of MSM and Glucosamine had never been combined with a topical pain reliever. It has been calculated to give over 28 times the MSM and Glucosamine directly over the affected area from the outside in versus taking the 1500 mg pills that affect the whole body from the inside out Our formula is non-greasy and won’t leave skin lingering with unpleasant medicine smells like most other topical pain relievers that do not absorb well and use too high of a concentration level of synthetic menthol or wintergreen concentration. Not only will the ingredients not stain clothes, but the pleasant peppermint and mild menthol smell dissipates in less than 20 minutes

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Price: $29.95

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