The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Bioidentical Hormones

The Pocket Idiot's Guide To Bioidentical Hormones

Understanding Hormone Supplements

Description: Bioidentical hormones are hormones created from plant molecules identical to those found in the human body, atom for atom. These new hormones, manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards, broaden the options, providing women with another resource to meet the needs of aging with increased safety when used intelligently. The Pocket Idiot’s Guide™ to Bioidentical Hormones (ISBN: 9781592579761, March 2010, $9.95) provides the evidence on what is safe and what is not and presents a wide range of options for supplementing hormones, within an easy-to-answer discussion of Hormone Replacement Therapy in general. Completely objective, the book answers all the questions and coverage includes: • The case for hormones—bioidentical or otherwise • The safety issue—which bioidenticals hormones work, which don’t really help much, and which may be harmful • Bioidentical hormones beneficial effect on the heart, bones, and brain • Creating an individualized health plan—which hormones, in what combination—how much and how often

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