The Bed of Nails - acupressure treatment at home

BED OF NAILS - Acupressure Treatment At Home


Description: BED OF NAILS is an excellent aid in self-treatment. It works similar to acupuncture with the pressure of the nails against the skin. By stimulating energy in the body, it rids itself of toxins and triggers the body's innate way of healing itself. BED OF NAILS releases oxytocin (which makes you calm and relaxed) and endorphins (the body's very own "happiness drug”) to relieve pain and induce a state of well being. Yes, it is possible to feel energetic and be relaxed at the same time! The 6000 acupressure points make the BED OF NAILS a very effective tool for easing tension and inducing a state of deep relaxation. While revitalizing and rejuvenating, it may also help you with the following: - Relieve tension, headache, muscle ache, chronic neck and back pain - Reduce tiredness, stress and anxiety - Improve sleep and relieve insomnia - Increase energy level - Improve circulation - Improve skin complexion - Relieve constipation and malaise - Alleviate cellulite Bed of Nails is used by many athletes, yoga practitioners and people in the general work place, who are interested in their wellbeing and want to feel better and more relaxed in their every day life.

Bed of Nails mat

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Price: $32.00 to $65.00

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