The Saddle Forearm Mount for iPhone

The Saddle Forearm Mount For IPhone

The Saddle contours to a user's lower forearm for the most convenient position to view and interact with a phone during any activity.

Description: The Saddle from Digifit is a unique forearm sport case for the iPhone which contours to the user’s lower arm for the best position to view, access and interact with phone apps and functions during any activity. Before now, mobile users were limited to armbands that attach to the bicep, which is an awkward position to view and access a phone while exercising, or left to carry the device in hand or shove it in a pocket. With the new and unique Saddle forearm sport case, users don't have to pause a workout or break a running stride to check timely exercise stats, record laps or change music. The Saddle is available for $29.99 at

The new Saddle iPhone sport case makes it easy to view timely exercise stats, record laps and change music without pausing or breaking stride.

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Price: $29.99

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